Our Story

One day we found ourselves scrolling through numerous skincare pages, and we felt overwhelmed and confused.

Endless ingredients, the new 'in' products, and an abundance of must-haves were looking at us and we knew in that moment that it had to be simpler. 

That's why we are developing a convenient on-the-go skincare line that is simple and effective. Taking out all the fuss and worry in choosing what's right for you.

We know that all skins are unique, however there are some core ingredients and useful multifunctional products that all skins can benefit from. With Saving Daylight, we deliver skincare that helps you get on to what's most important, life.


On our terms

Keeping things simple allows us to get back to what matters most. We are more than just our skin, we are mothers, brothers, teachers, lovers... and spending too much time on skincare daily isn't needed. 


The why

To save time for the more important things in life
To connect a community of people that are more than their skin alone
To provide affordable yet effective cosmeceutical skincare


Developed by a Dermal Clinician

Saving Daylight is created by Amanda Younan, a bachelor qualified Dermal Clinician, with over 17 years of industry experience and someone who has battled with skin issues her whole life. Amanda is a busy working mum, and believes in convenient, effective skincare that you can take with you.